CANNLIV COLORADO. LLC is a Colorado-based Research and Product Development Company specializing in Industrial Hemp.  Originally started in Texas in October 2015 with the goal to educate individuals on the benefits of Cannabinoids and how to use them effectively in an overall wellness.  This lead to Cannliv applying for a Cultivation license in Texas for expansion of the Compassionate Use Act.  Currently, this application is in a pending status with the state of Texas.  To continue its mission of facilitating its developed ERP solution to emerging markets and grow a larger network of extractors and manufactures.  Cannliv moved its operations to Colorado while also creating an international presence in Barranquilla Colombia by forming Cannliv Sur America in August of 2016.

Currently, Cannliv now has 5-year agreements that include Pre Clinical and full Human Clinical trials for Cannabinoid research.  Additionally, Cannliv has recently entered into a US distribution agreement with MarketHub for retailers.


“Cannliv is the first US-based Cannabis company to visit Corinto Colombia, in the heart of the Cauca Valley”