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CANNLIV is Making a Difference; Introducing CBD to Cancer Research at MD Anderson

In early May of this year, CANNLIV proudly announced a new partnership with one of the most esteemed cancer research institutions in the world, MD Anderson. For 75 years the MD Anderson Cancer Center at the University of Texas has … Continue Reading

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The First Of It’s Kind, Camp Green Rush, Essential For All Cannabis Advocates

 Cannliv Gears up for Camp Green Rush 2018 Jan 19th-22nd,2018 Canyon Creek Retreat Center in Lake Hughes, CA   Camp Green Rush will be connecting some of the most respected and established cannabis advocates and entrepreneurs together in a 4-day, … Continue Reading

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World Health Organization Declares Cannabis Compound CBD Safe.

The W.H.O declares CBD safe. The World Anti-Doping Agency removed CBD from its 2018 prohibited substances list. Cannliv Colorado LLC is now fully operational in Denver. Cannliv connects the United States, South America, and Israel, setting exceptional standards in Hemp … Continue Reading

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