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In early May of this year, CANNLIV proudly announced a new partnership with one of the most esteemed cancer research institutions in the world, MD Anderson. For 75 years the MD Anderson Cancer Center at the University of Texas has provided care, research and new innovations to cancer patients. Their caring and open-minded approach recognized the potential of cannabinoids like cannabidiol (CBD) as a therapy for cancer patients which led to the search for a source of the highest quality CBD in the world.

With CANNLIV’s highest quality organic CBD extracted from hemp, a variety of the Cannabis sativa plant, MD Anderson will research the different ways that CBD can help further efforts to eliminate cancer in the world. CBD has shown tremendous promise as an anti-inflammatory which can help cancer patients suffering from neuropathic pain. Some studies have even shown that CBD can slow certain cancer cells’ growth or even kill cancer cells. We are delighted to be working with MD Anderson and can only hope that CANNLIV CBD is the catalyst for new breakthroughs in cancer treatment.

Cannliv announced a Strategic Alliance with The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center for pre-clinical research of the effects of Cannabinoids on cancer cells and developing therapies for treating cancers based on this research. Under the direction of Richard Ford, MD, Ph.D. and Lan Pham, Ph.D., Department of Hematopathology, Division of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine at MD Anderson, this 5-year agreement will explore the potential for cancer treatments using naturally occurring Cannabinoids that contain no tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). As part of the alliance, Cannliv, a Denver-based Hemp Product Research and Development Company specializing in emerging U.S. and International Markets, will provide proprietary Cannabinoid products, immutable ledger integrated Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solutions, and full access to its vast network of Cannabinoid knowledge.

“We could not be more pleased and humbled by the possibilities of this relationship,” stated John David Carrasco, Cannliv President and CEO. “This collaboration with MD Anderson allows us to investigate the effects of Cannabinoids on cancer cells in ways never thought possible.” He went on to say that “by implementing the latest in technology, we will create a truly transparent Chain of Custody to ensure patients and consumers know exactly how products are developed, the results and data from the research, and what they are putting in their bodies. Most importantly this allows us to seamlessly integrate patient data with treatment protocols in order to ensure best possible outcomes.”

Cannliv Colorado LLC is a privately-owned company based in Denver Colorado. Cannliv has developed products with Cannabinoids since October 2015 along with their solution to assist companies to achieve an immutable compliance level within the medical cannabis space using Ledger technology. Cannliv also has divisions in South America since August 2016. For additional information or collaboration inquiries, contact Wade Leach, Investor and Relations Consultant for Cannliv.

With such strong restrictions on cannabinoids we believe this research will open doors for an even more rigorous scientific study of cannabis. Cannabidiol and other cannabinoids found in the Cannabis sativa plant have shown a great deal of promise in treating all sorts of diseases and conditions. If CANNLIV CBD can affect the movement to rid the world of cancer it will be a crowning achievement for this company. We look forward to keeping you updated on the MD Anderson Cancer Center’s research with our highest grade CBD.

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