White Label

Interested in getting involved in CBD, but aren’t clear on how to obtain your own product formulations?  Cannliv’s white label program offers premium CBD product lines for your business.  Every white label CBD product has been tested in the marketplace and is available for your business to rebrand and sell as your own.

We offer flexibility as well as a large inventory that’s able to fulfill any size order. We offer quality products in almost every major category including: tinctures, topicals, gel caps, edibles, gummies, beverages, vapes, and more, expanding your product line or starting your own CBD company is completely attainable. We offer competitive pricing with substantial discounts on our finished CBD products.

We can either deliver unlabeled products or package our products with your art and branding. This program can be combined with our dropship program as well. Whatever custom solution you need, we’re here to deliver. Our experienced team members are available to work with you for additional support and product education. We offer initial training as well as sales support and demos so your marketing and sales team has everything they need for success. Contact us today to speak with our white label specialist for more information!