Interested in selling Cannliv products? Cannliv has partnered with numerous organic and non-GMO hemp farms in Colorado and elsewhere in the U.S. in order to always have the resources to fulfill wholesale orders. We can meet every deadline on various order quantities without delay.

Our expert formulators have decades of experience, offering revolutionary CBD extractions, raw products, oils, crystalline powders, and more. With some of the most incredible scientists in the nation, we are proud of our ability to deliver the results and products all of our business clients need. The master extractors that deliver solventless CBD oils and powders ensure the purest, non-toxic health and wellness products.

Each CBD product batch is independently, third-party lab tested prior to release. We provide all of our lab results online for your convenience. We’re always available for any further inquiries you may have regarding lab test results and cannabinoid profiles. Reach out to us for more information.